NFTXZ is a DeFi liquidity mining pool developed based on HECO (Firetoken Eco-chain), one NFTXZ represents a consensus node, and the entire network only needs 10,000 consensus nodes.which adopts the innovative model of DeFi (high liquidity) + NFT (high value capture),based on the characteristics of asset attribute transfer, high scarcity and strong liquidity, in order to help XZ capture higher ecological value.

XZ Token

XZ Token, as the main network token of the big health data public chain, has many new disruptive concepts of interaction between chains and reality, Cloud computing power DeFi mining, storage power release, and it has the decentralized solution based on "Cloud Computing+Internet of Things+Tokenization" with good qualities such as anti-monopolization, fairness and transparency. Through the link between entity and token to realize the full link ecological closed loop, to solve the problems of the traditional real economy effectively.


XZ medical health data public chain uses widely existing data collection smart devices as the application landing and effective carrier of the entity ecology, and landing the first entity application product STAR.KSMART device terminal. STAR.KSMART Vending Terminal is a brand new S2b2C smart retail project based on "new infrastructure + convenient medicine cabinet" in the healthcare industry. Local brick-and-mortar retail stores have realized 24-hour intelligent transformation by adding a new retail intelligent terminal integrated machine with a STAR.KSMART vending terminal.

Core Advantages

  • Digital Medical Token

    The first digital token project that introduces smart medicine system into blockchain cryptography, thus creating a big health public chain with big data of smart medicine ecology

  • DeFi+NFT

    The Defi (high liquidity) +NFT (high value capture) innovative model brings new imagination to the digital economy field, showing the integration of digital productivity and production relations.

  • Extensive Nationwide Layout

    Users can enjoy full-coverage services through the nationwide 24-hour smart medical cabinet with 10,000 units, and form a strong "crypto digital medicine ecology" by integrating the upstream and downstream industrial chains.

  • DAO Governance

    Based on the XZ+DAO architecture on the blockchain, it can build a borderless crypto economic ecology that everyone can participate in.

  • Decentralized Underlying Architecture

    Smart contract deployment based on HECO (Huobi ECO Chain) with the decentralized underlying architecture, which has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost.

Node Status


















DAO Autonomous Community

The core value of NFTXZ autonomous community is decentralized autonomy, and the application scope of this new organizational form formed through DAO governance mode is constantly expanding. Through "collective intelligence", groups can make better decisions and thus make organizations function better. As a result, all members and partners of NFTXZ Autonomous Community can feel that their contribution is meaningful and truly become consensus members of NFTXZ.

Capital Institutions

  • Trust funds that focus on crypto assets

  • Registered and regulated non-profit institution by ACRA Singapore

  • Blockchain ecological community with long-term value investing

  • A global investment institution focusing on blockchain

  • Seven o'clock: Domestic first DeFi community

  • Hui&Brothers Capital: Provide business incubation investment and enterprise growth services

  • BOYI ASSET: Focus on asset and investment management

Team Introduction

High scarcity Encrypted Physical Assets

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